Stephen Ian Savage

clarinetist | composer | teacher




Where you used to be

(Original Short Film Sountrack)

Years after her friend's death, a struggling writer lives as if her friend never left.

portraits & Landscapes

Originally intended to be a short EP, "portraits & landscapes" grew into a full album. It is a collection of various improvisations and compositions that I've created over the past year. The recordings themselves are lo-fi and have a raw aspect to them, reflective of the spontaneity of the environment in which they were created and the equipment I had access to at the time. The album itself evolved organically through experimentation with a finite amount of sonic material.

Ex Tempore

Ex tempore experiments with improvisation and composition played with and against electronics.
Through a large arch form, the work explores the self and the vast chasms of emptiness that we all encounter within and outside ourselves.